Recruiting Design Engineers

TXT 2 sellafield chimneyFor those working in HR and recruitment, this is how Sellafield Ltd, the company cleaning up the Sellafield (previously known as Windscale) nuclear plant site in the north-west of the UK, advertises to recruit good engineers wanting a challenge. The site is also located on the coast of the Lake District, one of the most beautiful national park locations in the UK. Their advert, under the picture shown above, of the relevant chimney, reads:

“This is a first generation reprocessing plant. Constructed during the late 1940s and early 1950s, high-hazard reduction protocols weren’t factored into its creation. The plant contains four highly active cells, each containing redundant radioactive material. Before we can even begin to think about how we can demolish this building, we need to work out how we can safely remove the 61m stack that’s housed on the roof. And we can’t begin to do that until a new ventilation plant has been completed. If that wasn’t complicated enough, the building is located in a highly congested part of our site and space is extremely limited. Getting this right couldn’t be more important – the positive impact will affect the lives of millions across the UK for generations. There’s absolutely zero margin for error. Welcome a 100-year transformation project. Welcome to design engineering at Sellafield Ltd.”

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  1. I wonder if Tom Cruise might think about applying !

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