10 year life Saft battery for Asian meters

Saft has now supplied around five million Eternacell ER 14250 cells to OEMs in China, India and Taiwan to provide up to 10 years of backup power for electricity meters.

The following press release is from Saft (just edited to take out the superlatives, and correct the text to the past tense, since this contract has just been delivered and completed – Ed):

“Saft, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has completed contracts to supply around five million of its Eternacell branded primary lithium cells to leading OEMs for electricity metering projects in China, India and Taiwan. The contracts represented a significant commercial breakthrough for the Eternacell brand, which had been developed specifically for utility metering applications in emerging economies, where the cells could offer a unique combination of value-for-money, performance and long life.

For these contracts, Saft supplyied Eternacell ER 14250 cells, a 1/2AA format that provides a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a nominal capacity of 1.2Ah. Saft had optimised the Eternacell design to provide a 10+ year life to power real-time microprocessor clock and memory backup functions for the current generation of electricity meters in emerging economies. The cells can maintain typical currents for electricity meters with a wide operating temperature covering any outdoor condition. They provide exceptional shelf and standby life thanks to a low self discharge of less than one percent per year (at +20°C).

Manufactured at the Saft Zhuhai China facility to exacting quality procedures, the Eternacell cells used Saft’s well proven lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) chemistry, which has been refined over decades of experience in  metering applications.

“We were delighted to make this significant breakthrough for the Eternacell brand in Asia. These major contracts confirm the Eternacell design as the perfect choice for OEMs targeting the specific needs of emerging economies, thanks to competitive pricing allied to our emphasis on long life and reliable field performance that draws on Saft’s extensive metering expertise” said Thomas Alcide, General Manager of the Saft Specialty Battery Group. “This success in the electricity metering market has provided the platform for us to target Eternacell solutions in other applications.”

Saft is a world leader in batteries for metering applications, claiming about a 45% market share. It has used field and laboratory data collected over more than 30 years to develop a unique life-time model that enables the expected life of primary cells in this demanding application to be predicted accurately, by considering the specific utilization profile. Data used by this model includes base current, pulse currents, cut-off voltage and temperature range. Calculated results are combined with results from bench tests, which sometime require years to conduct, to produce the most accurate life prediction.”

The planned deliveries on these contracts were made through 2014 and have been completed during the beginning of 2015.