LNG from Tanzania

OK, so probably this will not mean that much to you, but this is a 100 year anniversary story.

Statoil and BG plan to build an LNG plant at Lindi to export natural gas to Asia, from East Africa. Where, ….Lindi?

They will build Tanzania’s first liquefied natural gas plant in Lindi and are due to meet with authorities about the project schedule and details in April, according to energy minister Sospeter Muhongo.
Production could start in 2021 or 2022 and investments could be $20 billion to $30 billion, Statoil has said. Partners in the offshore blocks include ExxonMobil, Ophir Energy and Pavilion Energy. The total reserves involved are as much as 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Statoil Block 2, and BG quotes 15 trillion cubic feet in three neighbouring blocks. Then Statoil is targeting another 5 to 15 trillion cubic feet from as many as a dozen wells off Tanzania over the next two years.
In 1915 my grandfather was based at Lindi, fighting the Germans in East Africa, and running the signalling around the Lindi area. He came home with some serious complications from malaria, and various other diseases in the area, but with a lot of respect for the people around Lindi. To read some of his First World War diaries see http://www.dockraydiary.wordpress.com. Its fascinating to think he was working (laying signal cables), walking and marching around there 100 years ago.
Nick Denbow

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