Enter DynAMo man

The Honeywell User Group meeting held in Nice this month for customers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region was in fact the 25th anniversary of this annual get-together, and as usual featured a review of their current developments from both Darius Adamczyk, the president and ceo of Honeywell Process Solutions, and from Jason Urso, his chief technical officer. Several new product launches were featured, in various different ways! For more information on that you need to consult the INSIDER Newsletter for November, being dispatched today, which carries an extensive report.

But perhaps following the tradition established by Jason Urso with his “Starship Enterprise Orion” rôle plays, there was a brief glimpse of a new character at the end of his presentation, “DynAMo man”. On December 4 HPS will launch a new suite of workflow processes and procedures to assist operators of process plants, in order to increase plant reliability and uptime, by supporting the operators in their decision making – since process upsets are reported to be caused 42% of the time by operator error or incorrect actions, after alarms are raised.

DynAMo man was much in evidence at the HUG meeting in Nice, in his hunky “Spiderman” type uniform, and may possibly be the image that is attached to helpful hints on the operator screens in the near future. In the picture below DynAMo man is entering into the spirit of the HUG too, with your long suffering Editor, and also Liliana Pereira, from HPS Advanced Solutions marketing communications, the force behind DynAMo man’s Alarm Suite.

Capt Dynamo

It’s a hard life doing all this reporting and things.

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