Rockwell acquires Jacobs Automation

Rockwell Automation has announced that it has agreed to purchase Jacobs Automation, the leader in intelligent track motion control technology. Jacobs Automation provides a motion control solution called the iTRAK System. This technology improves performance across a wide range of packaging, material handling, and other applications for the global machine builder market.

“The combination of iTRAK technology with our Integrated Architecture will be a game changer for machine builders,” said Victor Swint, vice president, motion control business, Rockwell Automation. “It will provide customers with new technology to enhance performance and flexibility so they can quickly respond to changing market demands.”

iTRAK technology enables independent control of multiple magnetically propelled movers on straight and curved paths. The system enables machine and equipment builders to reduce cost and complexity, while allowing end users to standardize on one platform for better optimization, improved reliability, and faster system deployment.

“iTRAK is a disruptive technology providing faster speed and greater flexibility for machine builders,” said Keith Jacobs, president, Jacobs Automation. “This integrated solution will increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and provide more rapid changeovers by adjusting machine speed and geometry during operations. Rockwell Automation has the resources and presence with global OEMs to make it a new industry standard.”

Jacobs Automation, based in Erlanger, Kentucky, will be integrated into Rockwell Automation’s motion business, within its Architecture & Software segment. The acquisition is expected to close January 2014.

As a member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork, Jacobs Automation will exhibit at the Automation Fair event Nov. 13-14 at the George C. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

Roy Kok joins Ocean Data Systems

Ocean Data Systems, the supplier of the Dream Report industrial reporting and data analytics software, has announced that Roy Kok has joined the company as their vp of Global Sales and Marketing.  Kok will be responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing, from go-to-market strategy to OEM and channel development.

Roy Kok brings over 30 years of industry and product knowledge to this new role.  Most recently, Kok was vp of marketing for ARC Advisory Group, the leading analyst firm for industry.  Prior to ARC, Kok held strategic positions at GE, Intellution, Kepware, VenturCom, and Nematron, among others.

“My role at ARC enabled me to analyze the market, its trends and opportunities and recognize Ocean Data Systems as a company that offers great potential,” said Kok – “This company is poised for significant growth.  With an installed base of over 5000 licenses, and flagship OEM relationships, all that’s needed is a solid focus on sales, and especially marketing, to bring the benefits of Dream Report to every application, delivering data analysis, visibility and understanding for operational improvement and compliance reporting.”

“We are extremely happy to have Mr. Kok join Ocean Data Systems,” said Alexander Mazal – President and CEO of Ocean Data Systems Ltd:  “This is a very exciting time for our company and Roy has the ideal background, and connections in this marketplace, to launch ODS and our Dream Report product, to be the industry standard for automated reporting and data analytics.”

Ocean Data Systems background

Founded in 2004, Ocean Data Systems (ODS) develops software solutions for industrial analytics and reporting.  The product, Dream Report, is now the leading technology for automated data analysis and report generation with thousands of installations.  Dream Report delivers connectivity to all major HMI/SCADA, Historian and business data sources through either proprietary or industry standard drivers.  Dream Report’s markets include process, hybrid and discrete, with special functionality for Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Biotech), Water, Wastewater, Heat Treating, Building Automation, Energy Management and Manufacturing Operations.

Next generation Enraf terminal manager

Honeywell has announced its next generation Terminal Manager server software built on the Experion platform, offering full integration of fire and gas, closed circuit television (CCTV), access control, Digital Video Manager and Enterprise Building Integrator systems. Terminal Manager R620 includes the industry’s first configurable workflows for faster set up, setting a new standard in terminal integration.

“This release marks a major advance in terminal automation for an integrated solution built around a standard platform that also improves safety and security,” said Richard Thompson, general manager of Honeywell Enraf.

Incorporating more than six decades of experience providing solutions for terminal operators, Honeywell Enraf’s Terminal Manager is a web-based solution for managing the entire operation in bulk terminals. Built on Microsoft Windows, it is used to monitor and control all critical processes from receipt to dispatch. Interfacing with enterprise resource planning (ERP), access control, loading and unloading, workflow management, inventory management, product reconciliation and documentation systems, it improves control in real time.

“Tighter integration means better control of security, safety, inventory management, reconciliation, order management and workflows. Ultimately, it means operators are more likely to achieve their business goals,” said Thompson.

The configurable workflows and a modular approach in the latest release of Terminal Manager significantly reduce the time needed to build the system by minimizing or eliminating the need for customization to specific operations.

It enables users to quickly set up the software to give a broad overview and in depth control of key parameters such as product availability and movement, tank status, alarms, orders, shipments, shifts, loading bay availability, entries and exits.

The next generation Honeywell Enraf Terminal Manager R620 is suitable for all bulk terminals and is compliant with the latest Experion PKS SCADA for medium and large size terminals and with Experion HS for smaller terminals.

PAC adds oil in water analyzers

PAC, the Houston based provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications,  announce that Advanced Sensors, a supplier of oil in water analyzers, has joined the PAC team. Advanced Sensors has served oil and gas and marine customers with such accurate and reliable process analyzers since 2006.

The Advanced Sensors oil in water analyzers help to ensure process and environmental control by giving early warning indicators of leaks and discharges. Advanced Sensors has combined numerous technologies, such as ultrasonics, fluorescence, video microscopy, optical spectrometry and mass spectrometry, to ensure that its analyzers stay clean and provide precise readings.

“Advanced Sensors provides a proprietary technology that is the preferred choice when customers focus on meeting their regulatory oil in water discharge requirements with confidence. This technology will make the PAC Process Analytics division even stronger and more competitive,” said Eric Schellenberger, PAC President. “With its strong product technology and its penetration in the oil and gas production market segment, Advanced Sensors will enable PAC to deliver a highly differentiated technology to our current process refining customers and expand our market penetration in the upstream market.”