Pulsar reach a milestone in Sludge

Pulsar Process Measurement are best known for their non-contacting ultrasonic range of products, but as Sales Director Keith Flint is keen to point out, ‘At heart, Pulsar is a company of acoustic engineers, and the algorithms and analysis tools that we have developed over the last fifteen years or so are now being applied across quite a wide family of products’.

A case in point is Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2, their well-established and popular Sludge Interface Monitor. Sludge Finder uses a self-cleaning transducer to bounce a sonar signal from the interface layers throughout sludge settlement plant, intelligently analyzing the signal to provide a profile of the sludge levels, including RAS and FLOC measurement from a single transducer.

Keith Flint made the point: ‘There is no mystery to why Sludge Finder 2 has become so widely used, it’s simply because it works so reliably.’

Proof of the success of the Sludge Finder has been the framework agreements written in the product’s favour, and international sales across the globe. This month has seen a significant milestone, with an order placed for the 750th Sludge Finder, a real indication of how well trusted the product has become.

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