Vortab flow conditioners

Plant, process and instrumentation engineers who want to learn more about flow conditioning devices to improve the performance, accuracy, and repeatability of flow meters and other flow profile critical process equipment will be interested in a new brochure from the Vortab Company.

A pipe straight-run is required in flowmeter and pump installations to overcome the swirl, asymmetrical flow profiles and otherwise unrepeatable flow that are created by elbows, pipe expanders or reducers, valves, dampeners and other disrupters in the process pipe. In process piping systems, finding or adding a suitable amount of straight-run to accommodate the flow meters, pumps and other critical components is often impractical or not feasible, either technically, economically or both. Flow conditioners, sometimes referred to as flow straighteners, are a practical and cost effective engineering solution to overcome this lack of available straight-run.

The Vortab Company manufactures flow conditioners that utilize proven principles of operation combining proven swirl removal technology with the patented Vortab flow conditioning process to achieve the most repeatable and efficient flow profile available. The various inline and insertion style Vortab products consist of a short section of swirl reduction tabs combined with multiple arrays of profile conditioning tabs.  This design produces rapid cross-stream mixing, minimizes swirl and velocity profile distortions and produces a highly repeatable flow profile that is measurable across a broad flow range.

Flow disturbances caused by irregular pipe runs, valves and other conditions often adversely affect the accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement and control instrumentation.  Vortab flow conditioner products are specified for use with and successfully applied with a variety of flow meter technologies including: differential pressure, turbine, vortex shedding, ultrasonic, thermal and magnetic flow meter technologies. In today’s demanding plant environment, the Vortab Flow Conditioners ensure flow instrumentation accuracy and repeatable performance for improved process control.

Vortab Flow Conditioners feature a very low-pressure loss design. Non-recoverable pressure loss can reduce maximum flow capability in process lines, creating process inefficiencies and requiring greater energy expenditures to move process liquids and gases.  Perforated plates, tube bundles, screens and other flow conditioning technologies produce a much greater pressure loss than the Vortab Flow Conditioners.

The Vortab technology provides unmatched performance with little pressure loss and swirl-free, repeatable, conditioned flow profiles. This tab-type technology is ideal for use with critical process equipment including flow meter installations, pumps, compressors, control valves and others.  The open tab design is non-fouling and will not trap dirt, or be clogged by debris in the flow stream. Traditional Vortab models are for use in air, gas, and liquid applications. Vortab products are installed today in applications around the globe supporting a variety of flow instrument technologies in partnership with major flow instrument manufacturers.

Vortab Flow Conditioners are available with carbon steel, 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy C-276 construction and with several process connections—ANSI flanges, male NPT threads, butt welded preps or retaining wafers. Delivery time is available in less than six weeks, depending on size.  Custom configurations are also available.

60th Anniversary for Endress+Hauser

Endress + Hauser is this year celebrating its 60th year as a specialist in measurement and automation. The following is their press release recording this achievement for the family owned company, released just after welcoming their 10,000th employee.

A global network of companies, a range of high-quality products and solid family-based foundations: 60 years after its foundation, the measurement engineering specialist Endress+Hauser still continues to expand. This success is due to the continuity of a prudently run family-owned business whose first and foremost principle is to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements. ‘First serve, then earn’ was one of the mottoes of company founder Georg H Endress (1924-2008) – and it has lost none of its validity to this day!

Headquartered in Switzerland, the company is today a world leader in measurement and automation engineering, with products synonymous with precision and reliability. The company’s independence, fully owned by the founder’s family, has been laid down in a charter and is bound to be upheld in future. Firmly anchored are also the fundamental principles of the Endress+Hauser Group: a corporate culture resting on trust and a sense of responsibility is the solid groundwork for sustained growth and technological innovation. This ‘Spirit of Endress+Hauser’, filled with life by the company’s leadership, makes values such as modesty, loyalty, commitment and fairness the compass points for entrepreneurial actions.

From the device to the system
The last 60 years have left their mark on the Endress+Hauser Group – in the positive sense: the vendor of devices and instruments became a full-range supplier who supports its customer in operating their plants reliably, efficiently and environmentally compatible throughout their entire life cycle. “Our strength is that we are entirely driven by the market,” says CEO Klaus Endress who manages the company in the second generation. “We learn from our customers and strive to create sustained and outstanding benefits and value for them.”

Today, over 40 sales centers and over 70 representatives around the globe sell products, services and solutions delivered by Endress+Hauser and production sites in 12 countries are engaged in manufacture and development. Thanks to the global roots in various different regions and industries, the Endress+Hauser Group is well able to cope with cyclical fluctuations. The lean and highly networked organization guarantees flexibility and rapid response. 

Almost coinciding with the 60th anniversary, another remarkable landmark has been reached – the company welcomed its 10,000th employee. Around 500 new jobs have been created worldwide in the last 12 months alone. Continuity is held high in the family-owned business: in spite of the finance and public debt crisis in 2009, no employees were laid off – with the result that a new sales record was promptly accomplished in the following year after the economy had begun to recover.

With sales totalling 1.5 billion euros, the Endress+Hauser Group marked up another record year in 2011 – in spite of a strong Swiss franc and a flagging economy in Europe. “Although the market is extremely volatile today, 2012 will be an excellent year for us,” says CEO Klaus Endress. “We trust in our strength and look ahead with confidence, but we must stay alert.” With well-targeted acquisitions in biotechnology, gas analysis and energy management, Endress+Hauser has recently rounded off its product portfolio. With an equity ratio of over 70 percent, the company is largely independent of lenders and is well equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Endress+Hauser: 1953 to today

It all began rather small and inconspicuous: on 1 February 1953, Swiss engineer Georg H Endress and German banker Ludwig Hauser set up their company in a backyard in Lörrach, Germany. The first level measurement instrument was patented just two years later and these innovative measurement instruments soon enjoyed a good reputation in the industry. As early as 1957, sales exceeded one million Deutschmarks.

In the subsequent decades, the fields of operation were expanded to include flow, pressure, analysis and temperature, with new production sites built or bought for development and production. With a growing number of sales partners, Endress+Hauser gradually conquered first the European market and the Asian and the American markets soon followed. After Ludwig Hauser’s death, the Endress family became sole shareholders in 1975. At that time, the company had around 1,000 employees. 15 years later, the headcount reached 4,000 with sales in excess of 500 million Swiss francs.

At the dawn of the digital transmission and communication era around 1990, Endress+Hauser was actively involved in various fieldbus initiatives. In early 1995, the company founder placed the business in the hands of his second eldest son Klaus Endress who runs it to this day. Responding to the challenges of globalization, Klaus Endress developed the international network of production and sales, while at the same time steadily expanding – and still expanding – the service range (project planning, maintenance, calibration) and extensive automation solutions (monitoring, control, system integration).

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