CNRL oil and gas resources SCADA system uses pcVue

Canadian Natural Resources needed a better way to manage the process control and monitoring of its oil and natural gas operations, comprising 300 gathering stations, 800 compressor stations, and 150 gas processing facilities. CNRL´s SCADA specialist, Kurtis Jackson, spearheaded an automation project to replace the FactoryLink SCADA systems with pcVue SCADA and FrontVue solutions from ARC Informatique. CNRL has numerous independent automation systems of various brands, including GE and Allen-Bradley PLCs, plus Fisher and Bristol Babcock RTUs: Jackson wanted to centralize and achieve consistency by integrating as many of these automation systems as possible. CNRL started the replacement process by migration of their FactoryLink SCADA to pcVue using the Smart Generator, a pcVue tool that automatically converted a very high proportion (in fact 60-80%) of their existing applications to pcVue, while ensuring maximum compatibility and security. This saved a significant amount of time with not having to reconfigure all the applications, and it meant that CNRL did not have to retrain the users. In addition, CNRL used IMSCADA, a multiprotocol measurement and communication software from CTH Systems, which allowed the wells equipped with different automation devices, such as RTUs or pump on/off controllers, to talk over a single radio channel in order to bring the data back to pcVue SCADA.

This article was first published in the INSIDER newsletter for January 2013.


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