Metso acquires ExperTune

Metso has acquired the US based software company ExperTune Inc. ExperTune’s products are widely used as software tools to analyze and monitor the performance of industrial processes and to identify the associated maintenance and improvement opportunities.

ExperTune’s acquisition is in line with the Metso strategy to deliver customer value solutions and grow the scope of the services business globally. The acquisition expands and strengthens the Metso ability to globally provide business-enhancing services to customers. ExperTune products will be sold as stand-alone solutions that can be used in any automation system environment and as part of Metso’s performance business solutions, targeted to optimize plant performance.

”The combination of ExperTune products and the Metso services portfolio extends our capability to offer solutions targeted to improving process and business performance,” says Mikko Keto, President, Services, Metso Automation.

”With ExperTune we can provide more versatile and more cost effective customer value solutions to our customers so that they can meet their most pressing business challenges, such as reducing raw material consumption, energy usage, product variability and environmental impact. ExperTune products help our customers to find areas of improvement in their processes to which Metso has customer value solutions,” Keto summarizes.

The Metso services business has developed strongly over the last decade. In 2011, the services share of the company’s turnover was 45 per cent. ExperTune will be integrated into the service business within the Metso Automation segment.

Founded in 1986, ExperTune designs pre-packaged industrial software which help maximizing productivity and efficiency and reduces waste in the process industries worldwide. Its net sales are less than Euro10m. ExperTune is headquartered in the United States in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has an extensive sales representative network on all continents. ExperTune’s products include PlantTriage, ProcessApex and PID Loop Optimizer.