Yokogawa global terminal automation deal with Royal Vopak

Yokogawa has signed a global frame agreement with Royal Vopak for terminal automation: Vopak is based in the Netherlands and is the world’s largest independent tank storage service provider, specializing in the storage and handling of bulk liquid chemicals, gasses, and oil products. Yokogawa is pleased to become the first automation and safety system provider to sign such an agreement with Vopak.

This contract is for the provision of integrated automation and safety solutions, to control pipelines, loading/unloading facilities, and other utilities located at tank terminals. Based upon the Yokogawa Centum VP distributed control system (DCS) and ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system (SIS), these integrated solutions will enable safe and seamless communication between systems and integrated operator interfaces and alarms, which will lead to greater efficiency in project execution and allow a more unified project and maintenance approach.

Vopak selected Yokogawa as a global terminal automation partner because of the high reliability and global track record of its automation and safety solutions and its global maintenance and service network serving all major markets.

Vopak aims for optimizing the safety, reliability and efficiency of its logistics and storage processes through the introduction of automation technology. Vopak applies a consistent blueprint that will guide the automation of processes at all of its storage terminals.

Yokogawa Centum VP and ProSafe-RS systems will make it possible for Vopak to standardize the automation environment at its terminals, allowing the company to profit from economies of scale and shorter installation times. It is expected that a standardized approach to terminal automation projects will lead to further cost efficiency in projects and maintenance.

With the signing of this global terminal automation agreement, Yokogawa and Vopak will focus on realizing continuous improvements. Both companies will benefit from standardization of the control and safety systems for terminal automation through the reuse of know-how, expertise, and solutions, leading to greater consistency in project execution and guaranteed cost efficiency.

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