Metso DNA automation for Russian steam turbines

Metso and the Russian company Power Machines have signed a contract for the delivery of Metso DNA automation systems for steam turbines to two modernized power stations in the industrial region of Belovskaya and Tom-Usinskaya in Middle West Siberia. The delivery for the newly built turbines will be made to Kuzbassenergo, a member of the Siberian Generating Company (SGK), the end user.

The Metso DNA Steam Turbine Controller includes all the steam turbine control and steam turbine governor functions required for safe and reliable steam turbine operation. Metso DNA provides a robust system with a proven track record, using components that are utilized in power plant applications worldwide, and implements a redundancy concept that covers all system levels.

Metso provides reliable technical expertise 

“Metso is a logical choice for Power Machines as a business partner ,” says Alexei Ignatyev, Head of steam turbines control systems department, Power Machines, St. Petersburg. “We have a long experience of cooperation with Metso: we appreciate very much the comprehensive approach of Metso to solving process automation issues in energy production. Another advantage is the reliability of Metso’s technical expertise and the wide selection of products in the field of automation. Our choice is the Metso DNA automation system with opportunities for accelerated processes.”

In the Belovskaya power station, two new turbines of the currently six condensation turbines will be equipped with the Metso DNA system. The capacity of each turbine to is 220 MW in the power production plant with a total volume of 1200 MW.

The Tom-Usinskaya power station will receive Metso DNA automation systems for two of its altogether nine thermal turbines producing close to 1300 MW. The power station is one of the largest in southern West Siberia. The area is known for its heavy industry, among others, coal, iron ore and cast iron production.

The delivery will take place in the autumn of 2012 and in early 2013.

Power Machines (in Russian: Silovye Mashiny) is a Russian energy systems machine-building company headquartered in Moscow. Power Machines manufactures steam turbines, including turbines for nuclear power plants. In addition to Russia, Power Machines has supplied equipment to almost 60 countries with a significant market in Asia. Power Machines is a long-standing partner of Metso in power automation.

Kuzbassenergo is a Russian joint-stock company that is specialized in the distribution of electricity and energy. Its headquarters are located in the city of Kemerovo in the Kemerovo region in Southwest Siberia. The company supplies reliable energy and regular heat and energy for consumers. In 2011, the amount of the electricity generated by Kuzbassenergo was 22.6 billion kWh.