Yokogawa and SICK widen co-operation

ACHEMA three years ago saw the establishment of a collaboration and distribution agreement between Yokogawa and SICK, covering the Sick process analytical instrumentation in the European market, because the product portfolios of the two companies were complementary. This strategy has been successful, and at ACHEMA this year the two companies announced that the agreement would be widened to a global scale.

Seizo Nakamura, Business Development Manager for the Analytical Products Business Division at Yokogawa, stated that the collaboration of Yokogawa and Sick has been well received by the customers in the field of process analytical instrumentation and has significantly improved the ability of Yokogawa to provide turnkey process and environmental automation solutions for process industries from a single supplier.

In addition, Dr Michael Markus, Head of Marketing and Sales of the Sick analyser division, pointed out that the collaboration with Yokogawa has allowed Sick to broaden their market position as a solution provider in process analytics. This is accomplished by the addition of the Sick analytical product offering to the Yokogawa specific process analytical applications and system integration know-how to provide a total solution. As the logical consequence of three years of trustful and successful collaboration of their European headquarters and sales subsidiaries, both companies are taking the next important step to a global distribution agreement.

In March 2012, Dr Norbert Zeug, formerly a staff member at Yokogawa Europe, was appointed Strategic Industry Manager for the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries at Sick: he has been nominated at the liaison manager for this future co-operation.

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