Chris Lyden moves back to Invensys

Chris Lyden, President of PAS Inc, Plant Automation Services, for the past four years nearly, is said to be leaving to return more or less to his old job back at Invensys, as corporate head of marketing and business development in Invensys Operations Management. Inevitably this is a role that will report to Mike Caliel, and so the move reinstates the relationship they had when Lyden was vp for Global Marketing at Invensys, between September 2003 and November 2008, before moving to PAS. His appointment is one of the first externally visible results of the return of Caliel to IOM last January, and shows Caliel building back up his old operating team.

Before joining Invensys, Lyden had a 26 year career with Honeywell Process Solutions, culminating in the role of vp and General Manager. PAS sell software systems such as Integrity iMOC, for intelligent management of change in automation systems, through Honeywell, Invensys, Intergraph and NovaTech, plus other regional distributors. Eddie Habibi, Founder and ceo at PAS, founded the company in 1993 on leaving Honeywell: he is now faced with some further aspects of change management.

The official Invensys press release is expected sometime before Lyden starts work back there, next Monday, 18 June!


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