Autotech form new UK automation group

Autotech Controls Ltd has purchased Igranic Control Systems Ltd and PSJ Fabrications Ltd to form the Automated Technology Group (ATG) Ltd, which is claimed to now be the largest automation control company in the UK.

The acquisition brings together expertise and experience in diverse market sectors to form a group with a combined turnover of around £30 million. Andy Robinson, Managing Director of Autotech and CEO of the new group, commented: “This deal opens new markets for each of the three group companies, offering the potential for greater success through co-operation to increase market share and secure economies of scale.”

Serving major brands
The client base of the newly formed ATG is impressive. Designing and implementing controls for automated production and logistics systems, Autotech’s customers include major brands such as ABB, BAE Systems, BAA, Bentley, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Kimberly-Clark, Pirelli, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and Walkers Snack Foods. The market profiles and product ranges of Igranic and PSJ form a neat fit with Autotech. Synonymous for many years with medium- and high-voltage control systems, Igranic also serves many blue-chip brands including British Sugar, Corus, Hanson Cement, Scottish Power, Tata Steel and Thames Water. PSJ, meanwhile, specialises in the manufacture of high-quality cabinets and other fabrications in sheet metal, listing the USAF, the Ministry of Defence and the Science Museum among its clients.

Growth target
Said Andy Robinson, “Although ATG’s solutions are largely invisible to the general public, they are key to the operational success of many of the world’s best-known brands. Using our combined strength, we are determined to grow our market share across the wide range of industries in which we are now active – including automotive, logistics, airports, food & beverage, metals, utilities, oil & gas, mining & aggregates and power generation.” Automated Technology Group employs over 200 people across its four sites in Silsoe, Bedford and Birmingham but will need to recruit more engineers in order to achieve its objective of growing turnover to £50 million within five years. “We need many more personnel,” admitted Andy Robinson, “so we are keen to hear from highly skilled and motivated people and we’re also planning to launch our own apprenticeship scheme – the Autotech Academy – with the aim of taking on some 20 apprentices before the end of the year.”

Virtual manufacturing
A key area of growth for ATG will be virtual manufacturing services, whereby clients planning new or modified automated production systems can have their proposals comprehensively proven before the new systems are built and installed. Having invested over £1 million in dedicated software, hardware and simulation expertise, ATG is the UK’s leading supplier of virtual manufacturing services. “The ability to prove, say, a robotic work-cell before it is delivered to the factory floor of a leading car maker,” explained Andy Robinson, “is absolutely invaluable because it reduces risk, improves production quality, eradicates costly design errors and accelerates time-to-market for new models. Using our experience in the automotive industry, we will be looking to apply our virtual manufacturing expertise across our diverse client base.”

Company Histories
Automated Technology Group Ltd is now claimed to be the UK’s largest supplier of automation control solutions: the forecast for ATG’s turnover in 2012 is £29 million and the group aims to achieve sales revenues of £50 million within five years. ATG employs over 200 people across four facilities in Silsoe, Bedford and Birmingham.

Autotech Controls
Established in 1996 by its Managing Director, Andy Robinson, Autotech Controls Ltd is a leading global supplier of automation control solutions. Headquartered in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, the company’s turnover for 2011 was £16 million. Autotech designs, installs, maintains and upgrades control systems for companies in a diverse range of industries including the automotive, logistics, airports and food & beverage sectors. As an approved system integrator for Group Schneider, Rockwell and Siemens, many clients have specified Autotech as their preferred controls supplier. Blue-chip clients worldwide include BAE Systems, Bentley, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Ford, Gate Gourmet, Jaguar Land Rover and Procter & Gamble.

Igranic Control Systems
Established in 1904, Igranic Control Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of motor control centres and innovative high-voltage products. Based in Bedford, the company’s turnover for 2011 was over £7 million. Igranic designs and supplies industrial control packages, handling contracts from concept stage right through to completion, with guaranteed on-time delivery. The company’s core solutions are motor control and high-voltage switchgear/distribution systems. Igranic’s clients include British Sugar, Hanson Cement, Scottish Power, Tata Steel and Thames Water.

PSJ Fabrications
Established in 1969, PSJ Fabrications Ltd is a leading specialist in the supply of sheet metal fabrication work, producing precision-engineered components and equipment at extremely competitive prices. Located in Bedford, the company’s turnover for 2011 was in excess of £2 million. PSJ’s clients include the USAF, the Ministry of Defence and the Science Museum.