Jim Pinto says “Enough” and stops the weblogs

On his personal website over the last ten years, Jim Pinto has hosted and edited weblogs specifically discussing the eight major automation companies, to allow anyone – whether employee, manager, shareholder or customer – a forum where it was possible to express opinions and thoughts on the company – whatever this might relate to: or to comment on the business activity or direction.

This service was requested and welcomed by many automation company employees, because, apparently, they did not have any other communication route where their views could be aired or discussed. It was a significant task for Pinto, reading, editing, removing offensive material (which was as high as 10-20%), but, as he said back in 2005, it kept him in touch with the industry, he had a finger on the pulse! It often gave advance insights into what was going on, and what was possibly going to happen next, sometimes months in advance, Pinto says.

Lack of management support

The management of these companies did not take Jim Pinto up on his offer to let them post their own opinions, and make positive comments about their plans: so regrettably, particularly in a rough market and general downturn, the negative comments and complaints, sometimes just from a few individuals, have dominated the weblog content in recent times. Maybe that is why most managers deny that they read these weblogs: but Pinto reckons that some company discussions regularly get thousands of visitors a day, and I would believe that.

There is another aspect to this service: maybe with his recent tourist trips and lecture tours in South America and other places, the workload on Jim Pinto when he returns to base, sifting, editing, deleting and loading, is too high to justify his own satisfaction with the end result: we all have to feel we are having some sort of effect for good! Plus in difficult economic times, Jim Pinto has decided it is time to cease providing a forum dominated by doom-mongers. He says “With very little in the way of positive results, I am stopping these automation company weblogs”. As ever, he would be delighted to receive your comments on this, at jim@jimpinto.com.

INSIDER Comment:

It is significant that while frequently suggesting to the managers, and even PR people during INSIDER interviews, that maybe they should consider writing something positive about their company, like an opinion piece or a thumbnail sketch of their objectives, for publication in the INSIDER (provided it seems to be coherent and sensible, not just an advert): there has been no rush to take-up this opportunity.

Maybe the editors of all the journals are just too good at explaining such things, on their behalf, but you would think that sometimes we might not be as accurate or positive as the ceo would be!