PLC and ICE trade centre

In 2010, US-based Radwell International passed $50m in sales of new and used surplus industrial control equipment, plus repair activities on industrial electrical and electronic control devices. The president, Brian Radwell, describes the activities of his main trading operation,, as: “We buy back new and used controls from plant closings, auctions and inventory overstock. We certify the parts, and then we ship them in custom PLCCenter packaging and sell them for half of their original price. We sell 30% of our products outside the US”. Not bad for a guy who decided to try to run his father’s struggling New Jersey-based electrical repair shop at the age of 18, in 1986, when his father had a sudden stroke.

Despite court cases brought by the larger suppliers over the years, to try to stop him trading in or repairing their equipment, the business grew, and it now employs over 450 people. The internet played its part in this, and was the main growth driver from 2002, with an on-line parts stock list and pricing for new, stock surplus or service exchange repaired versions. Now expansion is planned into Europe, starting with the already operational repair and distribution centre at Newcastle-under-Lyme in the UK, and a stand in Hall 15 at Hannover Messe this month, to introduce the concept in mainland Europe. Projected group sales for 2012 are $75m.

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