SolutionsPT is one of the “Best Companies to work for”

The industrial automation specialist SolutionsPT has been listed in the prestigious UK Sunday Times ‘Best companies to work for’ list for the fourth year running. The company was notable for the fact that an incredible 91% of its staff believe that they make a valuable contribution to its business as the result of the work they do. 

SolutionsPT was listed at number 26 in The Sunday Times ‘Best Small Companies to Work For’ table, moving up 29 places since 2011. The impressive increase means that the company is now the fourth highest placed business on the list from the North West of England.

Best Companies, the organisation that manages the process on behalf of The Sunday Times, noted that SolutionsPT’s ability to pool talent across departments to tackle knotty issues helped set it apart.

Of the company’s 70 staff working in the Cheadle offices, 88% believe their jobs are stimulating, which ranks SolutionsPT in the top ten for the Best Companies list overall. An impressive 91% are proud to work for the company and 85% believe the firm does its best to be green, by educating employees in energy-saving techniques.

“The accolade is absolutely fantastic – but it’s still only the third most important thing we get from Best Companies,” explained Phil Gillard, SolutionsPT’s General Manager. “The most important thing is the feedback we get from the survey, which helps us improve year on year. The next most important thing is the ability the listing gives us to recruit outstanding people.”

“Best Companies does make us a more attractive place to work,” offered Louise Potts, SolutionsPT’s People and Culture Manager. “We see that very clearly in the covering letters we receive, a huge amount of which mention the listing. Best Companies drives people to us; it helps improve our employer brand and helps quality people self select during the application process.”

SolutionsPT has a very low staff turnover ratio, an average age of 40 and a male female split of 64% / 36%. Best Companies has assigned the firm its prestigious three star rating, which is the highest attainable. In the last financial quarter the Cheadle business recruited five staff and expects to continue growing as market conditions allow.

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