New and enhanced drivers for KEPServerEX

Kepware Technologies has announced the release of KEPServerEX 5.8, a major upgrade that includes new drivers, and several new features aimed at helping existing customers on Kepware’s support and maintenance program to improve their business operations, performance, and security.

To expand existing connectivity, KEPServerEX now features a new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited Driver, which greatly expands connectivity for plant wide optimization.  Also included in this release are advanced communications and infrastructure improvements to more fully integrate with Fisher ROC and ROC Plus Controllers providing customers with enhanced interoperability.  

Accompanying the KEPServerEX 5.8 release are updates for Kepware’s LinkMaster 3.0, RedundancyMaster 2.0 and ClientAce 3.5.  LinkMaster and RedundancyMaster are now fully supported on Windows 7/Vista and Windows Server 2008/2003 and have incorporated the same Kepware licensing and service support model as KEPServerEX V5. ClientAce 3.5 has been updated to include support for Visual Studio 2010 and contains additional sample code.

“Kepware customers expect us to deliver robust products and services based on our continuing commitment to research and development and focus on quality,” said Tony Paine, president and ceo of Kepware Technologies.  “The release of KEPServerEX 5.8 reflects our on-going efforts to enhance our products for our existing customers and allow them to solve their ever changing business challenges.”

KEPServerEX 5.8 also includes the addition of Modbus Channel Serialization, enhanced Device Level Communication Diagnostics to aid with performance tuning and assist with troubleshooting.  For security and regulatory control, KEPServerEX now delivers optimized event logging, finer user management control and allows the user to control whether or not client applications can directly access device memory.

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