Fly fishing in Mexico

Nick with a recent beach front catch

On the coast of the Yucatan, in Mahahual, 300 miles south of Cancun, Nick Denbow runs the Western Caribbean Fly Fishing School. This is not where you would expect to find a Hampshire chalk stream trained dry fly fisherman, equipped with the best fly fishing rods and reels, but the weather is better, and the water is warm, all the year round. So now Nick fishes for Permit, and Jacks, and lobsters and octopus when they are around and he wants something for lunch. The fly fishing school is on the beach, just near Nohoch Kay, a really good beach front  bar and restaurant, which gives him something to do, as well as sailing in one of their Hobbycats or snorkeling inside the reef, while waiting for fishing clients. But just behind the shore line round Mahahual there are several inland lakes, where for a proper day fishing you can persuade him to take a boat out and fish for Tarpon or goodness knows what else, there are a few crocodiles too.

Hobbycat runs in the lagoon inside the reef off Mahahual

Hobbycat runs in the lagoon inside the reef off Mahahual: that’s Nick Denbow (senior) hanging on in the lowest possible point!

Contact details

Find more about the life here on, just enter ‘Nick Denbow’ as a search term, or ‘Fly fishing in the Caribbean’. Contact Nick to arrange a day or more fishing off the beach or in the lakes, on, or look for him on Facebook. New for 2015 there’s a real and impressive website:! Most Caribbean cruise liners seem to stop at Mahahual in southern Mexico these days, so you can even arrange a day’s fishing as an excursion from the liner, and its a lot less expensive than what the cruise liners will want to sell you. See the Nohoch Kay reviews on Facebook too.


Betty is in charge of the serving staff at Nohoch Kay

This is not a new sideline for the Industrial Instrumentation Insider editor and normal author of this blog: its a younger version, Nick Denbow, Spanish-speaking son of Nick Denbow the Insider editor: the younger Nick has been living in Mexico for some 8 years, hence the occasional editorials from here on Mexican beach and environment topics. Even the hurricanes don’t seem to have put him off yet.

Actually most of the rest of the family seem to speak Spanish too, even the ones in Cornwall, so I don’t need to!