Hilscher and Wöhner sign up with Eaton SmartWire-DT

At SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011, Eaton has signed up two new SmartWire-DT business partners: Hilscher, a system automation company in Hattersheim and a leader in industrial communications systems, and Wöhner of Rödental, a specialist in bus bar system technology.

Eaton has signed cooperation agreements with Hilscher and Wöhner at the Nuremberg exhibition, in which both companies declared their intention to integrate the SmartWire-DT interconnection and communication system from Eaton in their products. This year, Eaton and Phoenix Contact also announced a business cooperation covering their electronic Contracton motor starter and SmartWire-DT at the Hannover Messe 2011.

With the philosophy of “From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation”, Eaton is pursuing the objective of both streamlining control cabinets, reducing wiring and interfaces to a minimum, and increasing machine and system transparency. A “lean automation” solution comprising SmartWire-DT and HMI/PLC technology reduces the work involved in project planning and start-up, boosts performance, cuts costs and ultimately means fewer sources of error and greater flexibility on modular machine concepts. Eaton is cooperating with a range of SmartWire-DT partners on its vision of “From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation”, providing their products with both a SmartWire-DT master and a slave connection.

Craig McDonnell, head of the Eaton Automation Business Unit (IAB) in Eaton’s Electrical Sector, said, “We are very pleased to have gained two new, leading technology partners in Hilscher and Wöhner. It shows that Eaton’s SmartWire-DT technology has established itself in the market and that customers will enjoy even greater benefit from our technology.”
Richard Boulter, Senior Vice President Industrial Control Division, Eaton Industries, commented: “The expansion of the SmartWire-DT product range with our business partners makes our strategy ‘From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation’ even more attractive for our customers”.

Hans-Jürgen Hilscher, Managing Director of Hilscher GmbH, said, “Our netX technology enables connection of the SmartWire-DT wiring and communication level to traditional field buses and real-time Ethernet systems in a simple manner. This opens the door to the rapid spread of SmartWire-DT in automation technology.”
“Using SmartWire-DT, our bus bar system technology can communicate globally!” says Frank Wöhner, Managing Partner at Wöhner, pinpointing the benefits of this cooperation. “Our intention was always to tread new paths in the development of ‘our’ bus bar system technology. With an ear for the needs of the customer and a view to the requirements of the future, we want to lastingly ensure our edge in bus bar system technology with this new cooperation.”

On the cooperation between Hilscher and Eaton:
For broad application in automation technology, SmartWire-DT requires a connection to the existing control level. This is easiest to implement via gateways to the various industrial networks. Hilscher’s netX technology enables communication to all field buses and real-time Ethernet system via a controller. It is ideally suited as the basis for an integrated family of SmartWire-DT gateways. Hilscher has experience with all leading communications systems and will be able to undertake this development efficiently. Thanks to its in-house manufacturing and worldwide presence, Hilscher will produce these gateways and make them available to customers. The SmartWire-DT products projected for 2012 are Profinet, Powerlink and EtherCat gateways. In addition to developing its own products, Hilscher also offers the development of customized communications solutions. With the experience it has gained in developing gateways, Hilscher can support the integration of SmartWire-DT master connections in customized devices as a technology and development partner. Here, it can build on existing structures and resources from netX Design in Service.

On the cooperation between Wöhner and Eaton:
The objective is the use of SmartWire-DT technology to extend the benefit of lean connectivity to Wöhner busbar systems. Together with intelligent measurement technology, key information on all aspects of the system can be made available and used. “With this development, we are integrating intelligent energy management in bus bar system technology”, says Hubert Lenker, Market Manager and Product Developer at Wöhner. “Simple and reliable recording of the energy flow and preventive monitoring of the fuse and switching states of bus bar components will in future be ensured. The SmartWire-DT module on the EQUES adapter enables direct control of the widest range of motor feeder switchgear.”
However, the advantages of this cooperation are most clear when it comes to Wöhner’s CrossLink® technology: developing a combination of the CrossLink® technology standardized adapter platform with SmartWire-DT technology will result in benefits for a multitude of applications. Mechanical and systems engineers will be presented with new ways to increase system availability and performance as well as simplified control of energy consumption. The monitoring of energy flow also enables more effective utilization of the bus bar system. Constantly increasing energy demands and growing environmental awareness make the efficient and economic use of energy even more important. Reading out extensive data directly at the source and the immediate availability of these data around the world on the internet enables huge flexibility in energy use. This saves valuable resources and costs.