Hima record results for 2010

Hima Paul Hildebrandt GmbH has announced their financial results for 2010, which showed the company resilience through the recession of 2009, and a return to the previous growth trends. Sales in 2010 were Euro 75.1m, an 11% increase over 2009, and approx 1.5% higher than the previous record results in 2008. Possibly because of the launch of the HIMax safety system in 2008, Hima recorded a 2% increase in orders during the 2009 recession year, and was able to avoid any layoffs of staff. For the current year, sales are forecast to rise again.

Since its introduction, the HIMax safety system has ensured plant safety at a variety of companies around the world, while demand continues to increase. Thanks to the nonstop operation of the system throughout the entire plant lifecycle, HIMA was able to secure several major international projects. These include a five-year framework agreement recently concluded with BP for the supply of safety systems for five North American refineries.

Due to its extremely high performance, HIMax offers new possibilities for integrated applications. In the field of turbo machinery control and burner control systems, these possibilities have resulted in successful implementations. Further investments in developing integrated applications are planned.

In 2011, HIMA is focusing on developing new and enhanced safety-related solutions for the oil and gas industry and the chemical and petrochemical sector. Logistics and machine safety as well as railway solutions will also be further extended. Hima has 10 subsidiaries worldwide, and a joint venture in China: less than 30% of sales are generated in Germany, and over 50% are outside Europe.

Recent installation for RWE Power

RWE Power manufactures lignite dust, fluidised bed lignite and hearth furnace coke at the Fortuna-Nord plant in Bergheim, Germany. Hima HIQuad safety systems were recently chosen for at the plant to process a total of 800 signals in protecting boiler controllers against excessive temperatures and pressures, while monitoring the water level in the drums, to join other Hima systems that provide nonstop safety for the respective hearth furnaces and the lignite dust-grinding plant.  Hima coupled the new safety systems to the Siemens DCS: the inputs and outputs for safety requirements can be used up to SIL 3. RWE Power project engineer Gregor Maron cited Hima’s safety expertise and experience among the reasons his company chose Hima for the ESD systems. “The Hima safety professionals speak our language, and are constantly bringing their experience to the table. Over the course of a project, these specialists show themselves to be highly flexible, and they’re with us every step of the way, from planning right through to commissioning.”

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