Remote virtual server for DTM files

M&M Software of St Georgen, Germany, supported by customers and experience from SCADA and DCS projects, has developed an innovative concept using virtual server systems. Their FDT Remote Server allows the seamless integration of diagnostic functions into existing plant systems, and simplifies device configuration and management, by hosting the Device Type Manager (DTM) files on a single server. When an error is reported in a field device, plant personnel can analyse the problem from any workstation, or even a remote device, in the field. The system has advantages where there are many operator stations, in various plant locations. Instead of installing the required DTMs and their updates in all operator stations, all necessary DTMs are only installed in one PC system, the Remote FDT Server, together with the fdtContainer application, which is used to manage all the plant FDT projects. Using VMware or Hyper-V, the remote FDT Server is accessible from each workstation or via a web browser and a Java VNC viewer. This allows the possibility of an engineer using his iPad or PDA to troubleshoot or re-programme equipment over a wireless LAN, either remotely, or even while on site investigating the problem.  Any required DTM updates need only to be installed on the single remote server, reducing workload, and the possibility of errors.

A video presentation describing this approach is available on the M&M website,

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