London Technology Fund Christmas Quiz

To test the ‘little grey cells’ this Christmas the London Technology Fund  have devised a new quiz. Answers please via e-mail by noon on the 7th January 2011. The prize for answering correctly all the questions in A or B is a bottle of champagne, with a bottle to the highest total if no one gets all the answers correct, so don’t worry if you can’t answer everything. A third bottle will be given to anyone getting all questions of A and B right. The winners will be drawn from a hat in the event of more than one correct set of answers in the three categories. It seems LTF have split their regular quiz into a European section, and an American section!

A)     In the Napoleonic Wars

1.       Give the regimental numbers of the first three British regiments to carry the Baker rifle and be designated “light infantry” (1802 – 03).

2.       Name the battle in Italy which gave its name to a district of London in recognition of a British victory.

3.       Which French Marshal took his mistress to war dressed as a cavalryman?

4.       Which allied Marshal, and major general in the British army, won a “most bloody victory” in Spain partly due to his poor handling of the army and a break in the weather?

5.       Name the Spanish fortress which was the site of Wellington’s  only major reversal leading to a fighting retreat to Portugal.

6.       Who lost his silver chamberpot and where?

7.       By what name was the Headquarters of the British Army known at this time?

B)      In the American Civil War of 1861-65, name the general/admiral

1.       Nicknamed Old Pete

2.       Nicknamed Old Brains

3.       Nicknamed Old Snapping Turtle

4.       Nicknamed Fighting Joe

5.       Who gave his name to elaborate side whiskers?

6.       Whose father was Light-Horse Harry?

7.       Who was the first to be promoted to Rear Admiral in US Naval history?

Answers please to: William de Mare at Company Guides Venture Partners Limited, e-mail:


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