New PTA Technology from Dow and Davy

The Dow Chemical Company and Davy Process Technology have announced the launch of COMPRESS PTA, a streamlined technology for the production of Purified Terephthalic Acid based on the breakthrough combination of demonstrated pressure filtration; solvent recovery and integrated water recycle processes. PTA production is integral to the manufacture of PET (polyethylene terephthalate); a performance polymer used in fiber, film, packaging containers, engineering resins and binder resins.

This new technology process offers PTA producers an investment cost reduction of 15%, higher reliability leading to higher capacity utilization, and conversion cost improvement of 20% compared to competing technologies. It is also easier to operate due to its simplicity, and offers lower environmental impact with lower emissions and less liquid waste.

In 2008, Dow and DPT broadened their 35-year collaboration on LPOxo Process Technology, the world’s leading process technology for producing Oxo alcohols, to include the further development of the Dow’s PTA technology. The work of DPT’s engineering group with proven experience in licensing and process optimization, supported by DPT staff, resulted in the introduction of the new COMPRESS PTA technology. The technology is jointly licensed, with basic engineering being provided by DPT, which has built a reputation for developing and designing processes with high efficiency and reliability, based upon a strong combination of chemistry, chemical and mechanical engineering skills.

Longer term improvements are being developed at DPT’s Technology Centre in the United Kingdom, with the establishment of pilot facilities to enable the work on further cost-reductions. An experienced team of professionals from both companies is assigned to each project on all phases and for the continued operation of the plant.

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