Stuxnet news and opinions: end September

Recent background articles on Stuxnet are provided here on for your own review.

Stuxnet worm causes worldwide alarm: by Joseph Menn and Mary Watkins: FT (UK) 23 September.

Virus Bulletin: Last-minute paper: An indepth look into Stuxnet. (Liam O’Murchu,¬†Symantec)

Kaspersky Lab provides its insights on Stuxnet worm. 24 Sept.

Langner commentary. 27 Sept

Stuxnet worm ‘targeted high value Iranian assets’. BBC 23 Sept.

Bruce Schneier on security. Sept 22

Wary of naked force, Israel eyes cyberwar on Iran. 7th July,7340,L-3742960,00.html

Stuxnet: Targeting Iranian enrichment centrifuges in Natanz? 22 Sept.

Serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iranian nuke chief’s mystery resignation. 17 July’s_mystery_resignation

The Amazing Mr Stuxnet: Eric Byres, Sept 23.

Stuxnet worm hits Iranian nuclear plant staff computers. BBC 26 Sept

Pentagon silent on Iranian Nuke virus: Fox news 27 Sept.