Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for water metering

Arena Coventry Limited, a total facilities management company, which manages all the facilities at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK, has reduced water consumption and achieved significant cost savings after fitting Micronics water metering. Their original investment in Micronics meters was a heat meter installed in 2008 to establish and monitor the energy costs associated with underground heating of the pitch. This was a success and following a later meeting with Seven Trent, triggered by a reduction in water consumption, the valuable information gained and clarification that the water used for the pitch heating does not go to sewage led to a reduction in water charges.

Energy management to reduce consumption and costs are a key function of Alan Pickering’s role as the Ricoh Arena’s Deputy Facilities and Energy Manager. He said: “Water consumption is a big issue on the site, which led us to invest in the installation of three Micronics Ultraflo 2000, Clamp-On, flowmeters in 2009, which we use with an on-site Monitoring and Targeting system to manage the significant water consumption on the site.”

The three meters were supplied and installed by Micronics, and provide individual half-hour consumption data for the north concourse, arena and southern concourse areas. Within three weeks of installation, the investment identified intermittent continuous flushing periods of some WCs in the southern concourse area, which when remedied reduced the site water consumption by 50%, providing a payback of one month!

In addition to the above, Micronics meters have also been installed in the new Exhibition Hall to provide consumption data for automatic billing of water consumption for this area, which is shared between the on-site G Casino and the Ricoh Arena.

Having considered various measurement alternatives, clamp-on ultrasonic meters were selected due to the installation and maintenance/service benefits associated with the non-invasive technology including low cost and minimum disruption installation with no system drain down required plus dry maintenance and service. And Micronics were selected as the supplier due to Alan’s previous experience with them and a combination of their long-term experience with ultrasonic clamp-on technology; competitive pricing and product performance i.e. best value!

Micronics clamp-on flowmeters in conjunction with Alan’s effective use of the on-site Monitoring and Targeting system has delivered a significant reduction in water consumption and reduced overall costs by 50%! He has been very pleased with the performance of the Micronics products and says the pre and post order service support has also been very good.

Alan believes there is significant potential for ongoing savings on-site and the project has demonstrated how clamp-on ultrasonic technology can be successfully implemented as a cost-effective solution to improve heat energy measurement and water management on similar sites.

Andrew Bond steps down from editing the INSIDER

Andrew Bond has sent a message to all INSIDER newsletter subscribers, as per the text below, explaining the change of the editorial management structure for future issues of the INSIDER.

After nearly 14 years as Editor of Industrial Automation INSIDER, the first four under its original title of SCADA Insider, and more than 11 as owner and publisher, I am passing over both the editorship and ownership of the title and its associated web site to Nick Denbow with effect from the September 2010 issue. Nick takes over complete responsibility for the editorial content, production and distribution of the title and fulfilment of existing subscriptions with immediate effect, although I will continue to provide advice and some editorial input on a consultancy basis.

Nick, like me, is a Cambridge University engineering graduate and also, unlike me, a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institute of Measurement and Control. He also, again unlike me, brings the benefit of 25 years of actual practical experience in the industry, notably with Bestobell Mobrey and Platon, to INSIDER as well as more recent experience in marketing, PR and as the founder editor of the pioneering ProcessingTalk web site.

To ensure continuity Nick has since January of this year been playing an increasing role, both contributing editorially and representing us at a wide range of industry events. As a result I am confident that he will not just maintain but enhance the quality and breadth of coverage to which INSIDER subscribers have become accustomed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank subscribers for their generous support over the years and, in some cases, since the very first issue in January 1997, and urge them to show the same level of support and encouragement to Nick in the coming months and years.

With best wishes

Andrew Bond