Diesel fuel optimisation uses miniature ultrasonic flowmeter

Royston Diesel has championed a device to reduce fuel consumption and cut back costs for customers by adopting a specialist ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises in Dorset.

“Using new technology has allowed us to keep our focus upon the valued relationships with key companies in the industry sector. The flowmeters from Titan Enterprises have enabled Royston to accurately measure the fuel consumption of our customers’ engines and ultimately provide vital data in order to lower fuel costs for our customers.”

Robin Shaw, Technical Manager at Royston Diesel

With the cost of fuel at an all time high, many companies are concerned about the impact it may have on success, profit and effectiveness. Fleet owners and operators require ways to identify where problems occur, monitor fuel consumption and rate performance in terms of which ships are proving most profitable

Major shipping companies need to somehow monitor performance and reduce fuel consumption. This would only be possible by implementing a new monitoring system. What is a routine job for some companies, such as deploying tugs to bring a container ship into dock is proving too expensive due to the speed at which they travel and the power they use to direct larger ships. A monitoring system needed to be installed to measure ‘best speed’ and ‘best economy’. This way the optimal trade off between consumption and speed will be attained without wasting fuel.

Royston Diesel, based in the North East of the UK, is committed to offer diesel engine support to companies across the globe. They are experts in the field and are devoted to providing care aspects for customers. One of Royston’s major clients and industry leader wished to incorporate a technology to advance measurement within towage and emergency response operations. Robin Shaw, Technical Manager at Royston therefore developed a new concept in conjunction with the University of Newcastle which would provide a solution and an aid for engine performance.

Following three years of research and innovative invention, The “Enginei” monitoring system was born which is a new fuel and engine monitoring system, presenting logged engine and fuel consumption data. The Enginei system, which can be fitted to any engine from the smallest, older generators to the newest high speed engine manufacturers, provides recorded engine data sent over satellite to a web based management dashboard. Sensors monitoring engine parameters such as exhaust temperatures, boost pressure and oil pressure, log engine performance and can be downloaded via USB onboard or sent remotely via satellite to show any worrying engine trends before they becomean issue. This helps the onboard crew and office based technical staff to make informed decisions and reduce the time and cost associated with vessel maintenance and vessel downtime.

An essential part of the monitoring technology is a flowmeter provided by Titan Enterpises. With over 40 years of experience in supplying flowmeters for a variety of industries, Titan was able to deliver a key element in the offering which met all specifications to measuring the flow of diesel.

After an extensive study of the available flowmeter technologies, Royston placed an order with Titan Enterprises for one of its unique stainless steel flowmeters. Stainless steel is the preferred material for marine applications which are subject to approval by classification societies such as Lloyds Register. Royston initially ordered just two OG4 stainless steel flowmeters with female BSP threads for evaluation and following a quick implementation stage, they then placed a much larger order for use on 15 different ships including tugs and oil tankers, with the intention to roll this out across a much broader fleet by the end of 2010.

The meter performance on diesel is 0.5 to 50 litres per minute with accuracy of ± 0.1%. The 316 steel material is fitted with Hall effect magnet detector and is used in a vast array of applications, varying from highly critical jet engine oil to diesel generator fuel consumption. Titan flowmeters are already used as fuel performance test measures for offshore rescue boats and the French Navy. Other versions are used for hydraulic test rigs and aggressive chemicals.

Titan Enterprises, based in Sherborne, Dorset, is a manufacturer of flow measurement devices which measure flow of a fluid and are used in a wide variety of automotive, medical, aerospace, pharmaceutical and hospitality sector applications.

Founded by Trevor and June Forster in 1981, the company has developed tremendous expertise in its specialist area of manufacturing and a reputation for being at the forefront of flow measurement technology and design.

It has supplied high performance equipment to major oil and manufacturing companies and has recently launched a brand new ultrasonic flowmeter titled the Atrato which uses patented technology.

Production has continued to grow, due to an increasing demand for the measurement of low flow in liquids from an array of industry sectors including; medical, industrial, food & drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical. Sales of Titan products have now totalled over 250,000 and a trusted re-sale percentage of 95% is something owner Trevor and his family are particularly proud.

Trevor Forster Comments:

“Our oval gear flowmeters which are used on the new software developed by Royston Diesel are accurate enough to make flow consumption engine installations worthwhile.

“By measuring both the supply and return flows and subtracting the difference the flowmeters offer accurate measurements, couple this with Royston’s technology and this can lead to significant savings in fuel useage and cost reduction in the fleet operation.”

In order to advance the usage of the flowmeters within the Enginei, Titan will be supplying flanged meters to Royston which will make the servicing and assembly even more straightforward for engineers. No stranger to innovation, Titan Enterprises launched a breakthrough in flowmeter technology this year. The patented technology uses ultrasonic technology measuring low flow. The high accuracy and usb interface makes it one of the talked about products around this year.

For more information visit http://www.atratoflowmeters.com/

Since the Enginei software came to fruition, Royston have now introduced an internal team of electronic and software specialists to ensure the product is sustainable. For major clients, the typical expenditure on fuel per year can be in the region of £8-10 million. The new Enginei system will allow customers to make savings of up to 10% and according to Robin Shaw: “Whilst there is no magic bullet, the Enginei system can change the way ships are driven and the measurement of fuel and consumption is essential in minimising wastage.”

The most important benefits of the new advances include the following;

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved engine reliability
  • Reduced engine emissions
  • Prevention of fuel theft
  • Improved operational efficiency

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