Oil spill response radar

The Sigma S6 radar technology, developed and produced by Rutter Technologies in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, has proven to be very effective in detecting and tracking oil slicks off the coast of Norway during the recent Norwegian Clean Seas Association (NOFO) trials held June 8-9, 2010. As part of the NOFO trials Rutter integrated the radar technology with an infrared camera and charting software from its Norwegian partner, Aptomar, to form an integrated Oil Spill Response and Management system. This integration allowed for operational decision making both onboard the vessels and onshore in the NOFO command centre. Aptomar CEO, Lars Solberg, says “the combined system has shown its capabilities within the areas of automatic oil spill detection, area, thickness and volume estimations….Rutter and Aptomar will continue to integrate their systems and are ready with the first commercially available Oil Spill Response and Management System.”

With the successful completion of the trial, approval is pending for the Sigma S6 Oil Spill Response Radar to be recommended as a key piece of technology on all vessels operating in the Norwegian offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Rutter President and CEO, Fraser Edison says “The Sigma S6 has been proven as the best technology to automatically detect and outline an offshore oil slick in all types of weather conditions, night or day”. Edison says Rutter is also hoping to partner with the US Coast Guard towards clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, and have offered the use of the Oil Spill Response Radar to the American Government as assistance in managing the environmental impact from the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig.