First Friday Club for UK Editors

The First Friday Club was started by Chris Rand, then Editor of Industrial Technology, and Bob Brooks, in 1998. The meeting is designed to bring around 15 editors of the UK Engineering press together for some 15 minute presentations, product launches or updates from 3 or 4 of the major suppliers, the forward thinking ones that want the press attention, and those that provide products worth the editors taking time to write stories about. Then there is the further opportunity for one-to-one interviews and chat over drinks and lunch: the event is held in The Cheshire Cheese, an ancient London pub on Fleet Street. The sign outside says rebuilt in 1667, and known haunt of Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens, and other aspiring writers. The FFC saves the editors time, by concentrating several presentations into one event, and saves the supplier companies money. More important these days, with so many editors working from home, it provides a useful meeting point to see both their ex-colleagues, and to find out who their new competitors are. For many years John Fisher of Fisher Marketing was entrusted to organize the event, but now the role has passed to Cadence Fisher Marketing. Some of the regular presenters are Rockwell Automation, ABB and Erwin Sick: but any supplier can use the First Friday Club to present their latest developments in an economical way. Surprisingly, in these times, the event has not really attracted many small UK manufacturing companies, but there are always a good supply of European manufacturers wanting to introduce their presence to the UK engineering press (