Perpetuum Free-Standing Energy Harvester

Roy Freeland of Perpetuum is frustrated that there is no progress on the adoption of one wireless communications standard encompassing both ISA100.11a and WirelessHART, the latter otherwise now known as IEC62591, as it is holding up any real adoption of wireless sensor technology in major areas of the oil and gas industry, and in NAMUR recognition, that would give an opening for wider adoption of his vibration energy scavenging product developments. Meanwhile his latest product, the already IS approved FSH Free Standing Harvester, goes on display on Booth #1026 in the Energy Harvesting Pavilion at Sensors Expo in Rosemont, Illinois from June 7 – 9. First press description is presented below.

The Perpetuum Free-Standing Harvester (PMG FSH), a best-in-class integrated power solution, combines electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting technology with a selectable suit of energy charge, storage, and management options and is optimized for industrial machine asset condition-based monitoring.
The harvesters convert unused mechanical vibration into useable electrical energy to power wireless sensor systems used to monitor Balance of Plant machinery assets. The PMG FSH is designed with highly efficient drive circuitry for charging an external storage device up to 4ma at 5V while reporting power levels via a standard 3-pin IEC connector. The PMG FSH output can be monitored via the 3-pin IEC interface to provide power output status to a Wireless Sensor Node. The PMG FSH features a high power output up to 20mW.
The PMG FSH offers the most flexible design integration into OEM and system integrator products to minimize design efforts and shorten “time to market” cycles. It can also provide the most efficient way to integrate energy harvesting into existing products.
Compact in size, hermetically sealed and industry-ready, the stainless steel PMG FSH is designed with two mounting options: a robust magnetic mount and a center thru-hole. Additional functional capabilities also can be designed into the PMG FSH. Operation has been verified over the full industrial temperature range.
Intrinsically safe, certified versions of the PMG FSH are available carrying ATEX and IECEx certifications. CSA certification is pending.

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