About Nick Denbow

Hi. I started writing website editorials and reports about process industry equipment and instrumentation when I founded and edited the Processingtalk website. I ran this website from 2002 through to April 2010, loading 30,000 product and application stories from around 3000 separate suppliers, and writing an editorial newsletter

Nick Denbow

each week. Now I have moved into the role of associate editor at the Industrial Automation Insider newsletter, with Andrew Bond. This blog is a collection of past editorials and reports, which I will hopefully show the original dateline for, plus the blog will provide an outlet for future articles and reports of interest from process and automation news releases.

I was originally on the other side of the publishing fence, as a marketing manager for several industrial process instrumentation manufacturers, primarily specialising in flow and level measurement systems in the UK. I only started writing technical PR as a profession, and editing Processingtalk, after being made redundant from the manufacturing side, at age 54. As such it was a great opportunity, and I enjoyed building the Processingtalk website. For the future, the Industrial Automation INSIDER newsletter and blog will enable me to continue to enjoy the more interesting aspects of this publishing role, and this website will be developed over the next months as a regular blog.