BASF podcast outlines CO2 capture and separation

An August 2009 podcast from BASF provides the background to its activities in CO2 separation, gas scrubbing and potential carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems for power plants.

BASF provides the CO2 separation systems used in natural gas extraction, which is necessary before liquefaction, to enable the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In these systems, the gas is at a high pressure, typically 70 bar, and the solvents used to extract the CO2 are different to those that would be used for treating lower-pressure flue gases from a power station.

The CO2 stripped out is generally released back into the atmosphere or is occasionally used for enhanced oil recovery systems.

BASF is partnering with Linde Gas and LVE, a German power company, to install CO2 capture systems as a pilot plant on an LVE power station.

These tests will take another two years to prove the capabilities of the system.

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