Wireless sensors and other developments

Honeywell are stepping forward with their wireless transmitters: a release this week announces that their latest OneWireless release is the first process industry specified mesh network with ISA100-ready hardware. Honeywell say that the network will easily be upgraded to the ISA100.11a standard, when it is completed, through an over-the-air software update: we just need the standard completed! (Link). Similarly the Fieldbus Foundation are pushing the boundaries, in co-operation with suppliers and the oil companies, by demonstrating the availability of their Foundation for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) technology, at Shell Global Solutions in Amsterdam, in May, as reported in their recent release: (Link). The SIF field demonstration was intended to promote adoption of Foundation-based safety instrumented functions into the process industries. Having attended this demonstration, FF seem to be pushing at an open door in terms of the attendees present, the barriers seem to be in the approval and paperwork timescales for the FF devices.

There are two more stories about new developments that need to be highlighted: Ott Hydrometry have a delightful story advising that they just completed the development of a replacement to the Sir Christopher Wren designed tipping bucket rain gauge, after 344 years: (Link). Plus more news from Perpetuum, with their battery free wireless condition monitoring system, now teamed up with the Cap-XX supercapacitor, to store the harvested energy more efficiently: (Link).