Evaluating a peristaltic pump free of charge

There’s a lot to be said for hands-on practical experience, and it is even better when this is on your own plant with your own liquids: so the food industry offer from Watson-Marlow Bredel, where they offer to supply a peristaltic pump free of charge for you to evaluate in your own food pumping application, is an opportunity not to be missed. Apparently this offer has been triggered by the standard questions customers always ask about food product pumps, presumably based on their bad experiences with other pump styles. These questions are typically:

Will the pumping mechanism damage the product?

Are the pumps hygienic?

Are they time consuming to clean?

If your current pumps do not give a satisfactory answer to these questions, then they say it is likely that a peristaltic pump from Watson-Marlow Bredel can improve your manufacturing process and save you money. So Watson-Marlow will provide one free-of-charge, to prove it does what it says in the advertising! (Link).